Why Adopt a Tree ?

Silly to some and gentle gesture for many others, it’s no less than the feeling of parenthood for me. Adopting a tree is one of the latest initiatives of the nature lovers and eco-conservationists to indulge society into planting a tree or to adopt a tree and take care of its well-being like you do of a kid.

Adopt a Tree

Adopt a Tree

You, me… all of us; we are all breathing in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, 15-20 times a minute. Taking in the required oxygen, consuming it; we are customers of the nature. Cherishing the free of cost services of nature, we are and have been living since ages. Though nature never asks for a remuneration, but do we really don’t owe anything to nature in return of these precious services that are the source of our life.

Infact the ugly truth is that one side we are totally dependent on nature and on the other side we are deteriorating it for making houses, factories, farms, etc. Doesn’t it thus become our moral duty to do something to bring back a balance; at least a little bit also. Rural societies present a much pleasant presentation in this context. Every house small or big does have a few plants and trees in their courtyard; which is why the pollution is far less in these areas; the road traffic, etc. pollution factors also are minimal there. An adverse and serious situation presides in the urban areas, where industrial development-waste, traffic pollution, etc. thrives at a large scale. Living in big cities, we need to think of the topic a little more responsibly. Why?

I know, what would be your first hand reaction! One of the best modern concepts of our educated-urban societies is to curse the municipal body and government for everything; from, electricity, to bad road, for littering and garbage and pollution. But is that fair? To an extent that is right, but to think and shrug-off your shoulder saying what difference my small initiative would do, or I don’t have time is not done, neither justified nor acceptable. You never skip your breathing, you both breath-in and breath out, you never refuse to use a vehicle and offer to walk over the distance, you never say no to the use of the technology and machine causing pollution; or consuming oxygen. Why back-off during the payback time. As sincerely you use the services of nature, so sincere you must be in paying back to the nature.

Go a little green and help your society be clean. Support the nature and world survive a little longer. Don’t overlook your initiative. Every small initiative, when cumulated together will make a big difference. Doing your share you can motivate others and bring the change, today’s world needs; to conserve the precious riches of the nature for the generations to come.

To give and gift to the one, who asks for it does makes you happy; but giving to the one who never asks for is a surreal satisfaction. Trust me, plant a tree in your courtyard, balcony and terrace, or bring in some in-house plants. Water them, walk around them, talk to them, sing around them…; make a bond of love with them. Share your moments of happiness with them. When stressed, walk around them, look at their tender green leaves, touch them, water them; and see for yourself how magically your tension and anxiety will go away. Trees and plants, yes they can’t speak your language; but trust me without uttering a word, they do know us, make friends with us, cheer us, smile with us, share our feeling, and heal our pain. Along with giving oxygen, fruits and other medical/cooking benefits; they can be real companions. It is well said in the Indian mythologies also, that a tree is equivalent to 100 sons; your human child can still leave you, but a tree never leaves you, will accompany you for all life, will stand by you, will protect you, and will always love you.

If you cannot afford to have and maintain plants in your house, you can plant and adopt one in your nearby or frequently visited park or on the side of the roads or pavements of your society. Gift a plant or a tree to your beloved, to your kids.

I have a family of 24 plants with my spouse and trust me; in these three years of togetherness I have received a lot of love, peace, trust and bliss around them. They are no less than my own 24 children and we are a happy family together. Bring home your little green kids, surreal angels and share the bliss. If you already have, do share your stories with us.

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  1. shd adopt a tree coz thats the real growth of our environment in every manner

    • true and you will yourself also feel happy doing such 🙂

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