Things to do on a Lazy weekend!

How much we need or crave for a lazy Sunday or Saturday; what things can we do to enjoy our weekend lazily!

Weekend is the getaway from work; needed to restore our energies for the coming week and upcoming tasks. How eagerly we wait for the weekend, is well expressed by the most viral expressions around the office and on social medias; TGIF or Thank God it’s Friday. After working for 5-6 days at a stretch, strained and thronged; our body and mind needs rest and for that a break of 2 days is the most important thing that we usually look for. With increasing levels of stress and complexity of work, and longer work hours; weekends are now mostly of 2 days (especially in IT fields) or Saturdays are half-days (schools, banks, insurance, etc.) or alternate working. Be it a 2 day weekend or 1.5 or just 1 precious day; it inevitably is a must.

We eagerly wait for weekends and make long list of things to do on the weekend; planning way back before what all will we do this weekend, complete some pending works, or go for shopping or meet friends and family or just stay at home. Well, there is a long list of things to do on a weekend.

At times our weekends are very enticing and exciting when we go out on a trip, having endless options for entertainment. Staying in the city also we can have lots of fun. Some of us look for adventure, visiting a theme park or going to nearby sanctuary while other may simply love to get together with their friends and/or family and have fun. Some other may simply go for shopping or watching a movie in a theatre during weekend while some of us would opt to stay at home and watch movies either online or on DVD and lazy out ;). There are times when people feel lazy at the end of the workdays and weekend thus, looks lazier to the exhausted mind and body. This is the time when people have done a lot of work and now they just want to chill, relax and do nothing.

Being active on weekends shows our good energy level and enthusiasm for life, and it also helps us in keeping ourselves fit and fresh. But a lazy weekend can help in managing a good health and a balance between stress and relaxation.

Being lazy, also you can do a lot of things. Here is a list of thing that you can do on a weekend while feeling lazy:-

1) Be lazy on a Lazy weekend: On weekend you can afford to sleep for a long time. During weekdays due to work pressure we are usually deprived of some good sleep which is very necessary for our body. Research says that for being healthy 6-8 hours of sleep is required. On weekdays we don’t have such luxury most of the time so we can manage them on weekends and can affords to have a sleep of 10 hours and even more. This will help in balancing the weekdays’ stress.

2) Do plantation: You can go for plantation on weekend. Plant some flowers and if space permits you can also plant vegetables. You will find it very exciting, enriching and soothing at the same time.

3) Do nothing, make plans only: Sometimes it’s better to do nothing and you can enjoy that time in planning. Planning for future, planning for your next date with wife/girlfriend, planning for movies that are about to release. Planning for next trip/vacations. Early planning can help you in saving many bucks.

4) Invite friends to your home: If you are good at hosting then this could be a real fun. You can invite your friends and buddies to your home on weekend. Talking with them, watching movies together will take all your stress away. Remembering the old moments spent with them, you college days will bring smile on your face.

5) Day dreaming: It will cost you nothing but it can give you more joys and delights that you are looking for. May be you can lay the foundation of a big project or a viable business while day dreaming.

6) Watch televisions: You can watch old movies and other programs that you were not able to see during weekdays with your family or even alone. Have a cup of coffee /tea in the morning and then you can start watching television. These days there are options of recording TV shows on various setup boxes, you can record show that you love to watch and follow that up on weekend.

7) Read books: Having a self library or a self full of books is one of the coolest interior ideas; and to have a good collection of books on that beautiful shelf in no less than an asset. On weekends you can read books and build a collection. Reading books in a nice time pass and fruitful as well.

8) Do something different: Try your hand at new things that you ordinarily seldom do; like painting, collage making, crafts, stitching, DIY, etc. On weekends do things which you have never done but you would like to do, that you fantasize of.

9) Go for Shopping: You can take your time out and go for shopping, even window shopping is a real fun and sometimes get you the best of deals.

10) Learn to cook or try new recipes: Weekends are the perfect time to try your hands something different. Learning to cook or to try new recipes is good to try on weekend time. You can learn new recipes by going through various cooking manuals and articles and programs that usually runs on the TV or the internet bank.

11) Explore your area: It’s important to know the area you live in and weekend can turn into a great time to explore your area. Go out for a lazy walk through various streets and you may find new things, new stores, etc. that you have not seen or known earlier. Talk to your neighbors and know the society.

12) Cleaning: Weekend can be a good time for cleaning activities. You can use your weekend for cleaning of clothes and your home. You can do things like dusting, organizing clothes, arranging furniture and other interior. You can also rearrange your books, your files, your shelves and DVDs.

13) Write something: If you have the ability to write then you can enjoy your weekend by writing something. It could be anything that you love.

14) Listen to Music: Music is the best medicine for relaxation from tension and anxiety, as we all know. So listening to music is a good thing to do on weekend and relax.

15) Talk to Family and Friends: in the rush of office, work and traffic; we seldom get time to call and talk to our family members, relatives and friends. Use the laziness of weekend to stay in touch with your world. Share with them what’s going in your life and know about their problems. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with them will help you get light and ease-up, and also your bond will strengthen.

Be lazy bee on a weekend. Lazy Outside, Crazy Inside :)!