Monsoon in India – Season of Sales and Shopping

Come the months of monsoon and the shopping fiesta begins. ‘July-August’ is no less than a festival for shoppers in India, when every shopping heart starts rejoicing, hands proceeding to wallets and your feet take the way to markets and malls. Around the malls, markets, streets and metros, etc.; irrespective of the city and locality, you find happy excited faces carrying colorful shopping bags in hands discussing with their friends the smart picks they have made or the fabulous offer they grabbed. There is other group of people travelling alone, holding those shopping bags in hands like a prized attainment. With the fall of monsoon, not only the temperature and weather starts changing, but starts changing your dressing style as well. From cool and light sleeveless and shorts, we start changing to warmer or full cover clothes. From flip-flops and open toe shoes and sandals, we switch to covered shoes and waterproof sandals to protect against rain and mosquitoes.

And with the end of summer season and approaching winter, every brand/shop targets at getting their present stock cleared and make space for the new season’s stocks. Shopkeepers are more concerned about selling the stock in current season only; even at low margins is launch of fresh fashion every season and simultaneous trend cautiousness of today. If the stock thus, goes unsold by the end of season it will never sell as the next summer fashion and trend will get changed and every shopper will be interested in the fresh stocks and arrivals. And thus are offered sales and bumper sales to get the present stock sold out in the current season itself, and that becomes the shoppers’ fiesta.

With brands like Celio, Wrangler, Wills Lifestyle, UCB, Meena Bazzar, W, Reebok, Adidas, etc. coming up with irresistible offers like flat 40-50% off, Buy 1 Get 1, etc.; what else would you call the monsoon season, other than the shopping carnival? There is a long list of reasons to buy at the big monsoon sales. Well the biggest joy of this celebration for shoppers is that these sales offers brings such premium brands like UCB, Wills Lifestyle in the affordable budget of those who otherwise have to sacrifice highly desired designs or loved dresses because of their high price slabs.  Similarly at the cost of one you get 2 and such offers is a delight for anyone and everyone. The quality and collection remains the same, all that happens is that the prices are lowered and the result is we shop and shop and shop.

It’s a blissful sight to witness the joy of people carrying away shopping bags from their favorite brands. It’s nothing less than a carnival watching girls-boys, ladies,-gents, mummies and papas flaunting around showrooms and multi-brand outlets like Lifestyle and Pantaloons checking out every rack and section, carrying 7-8 dresses in hand and still fishing for more and waiting in long line before the trial rooms.

There are some typical monsoon toads who croak at their best with the roving monsoon clouds and to site an example, I don’t need to look any far, as I have a beautiful toad with me, my younger brother. My brother is an eagle at grabbing fabulous discount offers and so he is quiet popular for shopping in this season and so is called off, by friends and me also to help grab good picks. And whenever a marriage, celebration or outing comes forth, his first suggestion is please don’t shop and wait for the July sales (irrespective of what is the importance and urgency of the shopping). Well that’s the story at my home, if similar scene is at your part as well. Share your stories too.