Simple Makeover Tips @ Home – Total or A Little Experimentation with Your Looks

Looks is something, everyone is conscious of. How am I looking? Is my hairs fine, are my shoes tidy, is my dress fine, am I looking fresh; these are questions that bother all of us, every day, every time we are upto something important or just going out or meeting someone. What makes your looks so important? ‘Your Looks’ are your first hand introduction to the world, to your dear ones, to your colleagues, to your acquaintances and to the strangers.

Be it a boy or a girl, everyone has a common habit of getting ready in front of the mirror or running a look on ourselves in mirror just to check they are looking good. On the other hand there are many of us who spends several minutes to a few hours checking out our reflection in the mirror, turning around, moving our heads, getting closer or far; making sure we are looking perfect from all angles and in every aspect. Be it a student or an executive or a business tycoon every one wishes to look perfect and impressive. While out in office or in party or in public we love catching attention and winning compliments.

Hmmmm… So important being looks, why stick to that long seen and known look of yours. Why not try a little makeover and be a rocking head turner, an eye-catcher. Walk down with some more quotients of style, elegance and confidence this time when you go out.

See the mirror and check your looks, your hair and dressing style and decide what amount of makeover you think, you need. The questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Remember what your friends have suggested.
  • What exactly you need to change in yourself and how much, i.e. what exactly you need – a little change or total remake of your look from hairs to shoes to bags to clothes.
  • Whether to visit a saloon and approach a stylist or you would do it on your own.
  • Whom exactly who want to impress with your new look, yourself or someone special or in general.

makeoverOnce you have your answers here are some very simple and basic tips to try, and makeover your old new:

  • Most simple, visit a salon and try a new hair cut.
  • If you don’t want to lose the length of your strands; then go with new experiments.

Girls: Try new hairstyles, styles like puffing the crown hairs, or just do opposite parting, news buns and half updoes, etc. Do it the way you like and suits your personality.

Boys: Try different hair parting or deeper side partings. Change the direction of brushing your hairs and use some hair gel or spray to hold that look.

  • Use can iconize your casual look with trendy scarfs, bandanas, wrist bands or big dial watches, etc.
  • Be cool! Why always carry a clean and tidy look? While girls can try some cool and casual look with carefree hairstyles like messy buns, loose curls, half updoes, etc.; boys can also use messy looks like messy spikes or hair bangs left loose over forehead.
  • Girls: Change your eye make-up; try using thick kajal/eyeliner if you use it mildly, or if you use dark strokes try a thin line and see how it works for you. You can also try different colors and shades of eye-liners. Use a mascara to give more volume to your eyes. For this purpose you can also use a false lash-flare or eye-curlers. Well boys can also try some eye makeup, like getting their eyes-brows done or a little touch of kajal, etc.
  • Go ahead, change your wardrobe.
  • Wear trendy dresses, see what suits your body and gives a totally new avatar, a slim fit dress or big size t-shirts/jeans/dresses, etc. to look slimmer and cool 😉
  • Think about going for a smile makeover for that you can both just change your style of smiling and laughing or going a farther try dental cosmetic services like crown fixation or whitening or dental implants.
  • Girls: Try a change in your lip colors and texture as well as in nail paints.
  • Boys: How about trying a magnet stone-earring to get a new avatar, stylish and cool.

Go with the trend and/or try new things and set your own trend. Win over eyes and admires :).