“Swachha Bharat” A dream aim or just a drive of willpower – things to do

Hit and hot in the news and talks these days, Swaccha Bharat/Clean India is what we all would love to see and talk about; but how many of us is giving it an earnest effort of thought and initiatives. Why only the Taj is seen clean, won’t it look lovely if the whole Agra would be clean? Think of the day whole Connaught Place, India Gate, Chandni Chowk gullies, the Sarojni market be all clean. Why only think of clean NCR; beaches of Mumbai, villages, religious places, cities, metros… whole country be clean. Give it a thought and say won’t you love to see the roads, highways, malls, local markets, gardens, government offices and colleges; be all clean and equally presentable as are those abroad; that we excitedly visit and admire.

Its true all of us cannot go out, clean the roads and all; yet joining hands with the movement isn’t that tough. All it needs actually is just an honest effort. Here we bring you 8 things to do to support and join the movement:

1. Start with your home: As goes the common saying, first step in any work starts at your own home. Keep your own room, your house and premises clean first. Please don’t be so specific to just keep your house clean, the surrounding, and the society also should be taken care of, so do keep the environment clean.
Swear to keep your house and society clean, make it the most beautiful place in the world.

2. Join the Chain: Well the most admirable and sincere of all efforts to contribute to the Swacch Bharat movement is join the chain by stepping out with a shovel and join the chain of Swacch Bharat mission. Call your friends and family to join you in the work. And invite your friends to undertake
pick an area suffering from garbage, pollution and contamination; clean it.

3. Stop Littering: More or less we all litter around; throwing chips and chocolate wrappers, tea/coffee cups, cigarette buts, combed off hairs, empty bottles, soda cans, etc. by roadsides, from train/car windows, etc. all the time participating in debates and discussions we blame the municipal authority and workers and the government for the dirty areas and roads and polluted rivers, and forget all the time we dumped litter around.

Well, blaming is easy of all, instead we can make a very small and sincere effort of carrying a polybag or paper bag with us for litter in our cars or along with our luggage or in our bags while out and use dustbins when in home/office.

Swear not to litter and not let others litter as well.

4. Preserve the Monuments: We are very lucky to have inherited such a proud and glorious history in inheritance which dates back to several centuries. Instead of showing our gratitude to the precious monuments and heritage sites we visit, what is the most common scene is seeing people around littering or scratching the stones to engrave their names, which is not only stupid but very reckless. As responsible citizens accept them as your own inheritance and pledge to preserve them.
Stop Spoiling Monuments and Heritage Places, teach your children the same and stop others as well from doing so.

5. Dump garbage systematically: Keeping your house clean does not mean to dust and wash your own room/house and dump the dust and garbage on road or in fields or under the trees around. Please resist such lazy and reckless temptations. If the municipality has not placed dustbins in your locality, you along with you society members can afford to do so. It won’t seek a heavy investment.
Swear to dump garbage only in dustbins and help the municipal corporation, keep your area clean.

6. Stop Public Urination: This is both disgusting and unhygienic. In villages where there are no toilets, such act is understandable, but in civilized societies, such act is not justified. Well this point may sound stupid and irrelevant, but is equally important.
Swear not to urinate in public and stop others as well. For contingent situations carry bottles.

7. Turn it into a social buzz: This movement is not just any government plan, come on people it is about getting your city, your country clean; to make it stand and match up with the preventability of Singapore, England, America, and Australia… Hit this topic up and turn it into the next social buzz. Once selfies with Jharu/brooms and in cleaning pose become a style statement, even for the pose a lot of cleaning and awareness will be done.
Pledge to pose with Jharu/broom and in cleaning pose, keep the topic hot in discussions.

8. Get Ecofriendly and recycle: Have you ever given it a thought, how much of trash you create and the amount of harm you to do to our environment. Practically it’s true we cannot all get 100% Eco savvy and stop using refrigerator, ac, cars, all products of plastic, leather, etc. Yet there are many small things we can incorporate in our life style and bring down the amount of trash we create. Such gestures could be planning your needs aptly and thus buying only what we need; recycling plastic and glass bottles, containers, car tubes and tires, etc.
Pledge to create minimal trash and recycle as much as you can. Also, if possible try to adapt a tree in your society.

Other things to do could be to paint the roadsides/footpaths or areas once cleaned by the municipal staff and beautify it, place notices on wall/public toilets, create awareness, inspire the shopkeepers to refrain selling trash products and not to give plastic bags.

We pledge you to join hands not just to support the PM and government, but to be a responsible citizen, a good human and a good parent. Getting the surrounding clean, you will actively contribute to the conservation of environment, giving your children and future generations a cleaner, a better and beautiful country. Let’s gift Bapu the India of his dream, what he fought and stood up for.