Important Tips to Take Care of, While Using Public Washrooms

Daily or occasionally we all use public toilet, not just the ones made by government by street sides, railway stations or in district centres; but in our offices, in malls, in trains, in plains, etc. It’s a common habit and perception of majority of us to take care of and check the hygiene and sanitization of such toilets in crowded and busty public areas like on tourist spots, in trains, in public markets; while when it comes to well maintained, seemingly clean places like malls, offices, etc., we tend to become ignorant and overlook the hygiene concerns. This attitude and ignorance is not good, all those toilets which are used frequently are prone to bacterial infections and thus, while using them we need to be conscious and undertake some preventive steps. The concern of sanitization is more important for the toilet sits where you have to sit on the pot to use it, as it involves maximum and closest exposure to the germs and bacteria.

Here are some very easy tips by using which you can keep yourself safe from the germ and bacterial attack and thus, help yourself stay healthy:
Always flush the toilet before using it, whether it appears to b clean or not. Flushing the toilet will get you rid of the inside taint.
Lift the seat before using it
Sanitize the toilet seat before using it.
Wash yourself well and dry yourself with the toilet paper.
Flush the toilet after use
Wash your hands and dry them.
Preferably use a sanitizer after using such a toilet.
Following these tips and giving out 2 extra minutes in the toilet may take you extra time, but that time is worth your effort. A waiting boyfriend/girlfriend or the hurry to catch up with your friends or to get back to work or to get back to the movie before it starts; give yourself 1 extra second to think is that urgency of yours really so important to use a unhealthy toilet and/or leave it unhygienic for others and give way to diseases and infections.