5 Quick and Most Easy Tips to Become a Good Photographer


Life is once and every passing moment is precious, worth capturing and framing. Whether a pro or an amateur, whether have a professional camera in hand or a smartphone; we just click and capture.

Somewhere, somehow there is a photographer inside all of us, who may be hesitant at handling a camera whenever one comes in their hand. But when at ease, with our own camera/smartphone, at our comfort zone; we never give a second thought clicking when something funny or beautiful is around us, or just to capture our own adorable reflection. Passion or motivation for photography may differ, levels of expertise could differ; but rules and tricks of photography stand the same for everyone. All we got to do is to known some basics of handling the camera and selecting a frame.

Following are five quick and easy tips to keep in mind before pressing the click button and capture a good photograph. These tips will help you in stepping a confident step on the ladder of Photography. Here are the tips:

  1. Don’t hustle: Take your time; it is better to be slow rather than hustle and spoil a beautiful picture for the hurry of saving 1 min. A basic difference between a good photographer and an amateur is the hurry to get rid of this clicking job. Whether clicking at their own choice or volunteering to help couples/strangers, I have seen many people just pressing the click button or touching the click on touch screens and move their hands/camera. This is the most common observation in the second case, when at tourist spots a stranger asks you to take their picture. You do agree but just click and get rid of it, without bothering the camera was still capturing and you just blurred an otherwise beautiful picture.
    The second part of taking time is to have a proper look at the camera and the click button. Many-a-times people don’t give attention to the exact point of press and while taking picture they run their finger tip to locate it, which may lead to disturbance of the setting.
  2. Check the direction of Light: Direction of light is one of prime importance to take care of before getting ready for your click. Either the object to be captured should be facing light that means the object must be opposite direction of light source, or it should be in shadow or darkness. If light source is at the back of the object the background would be brighter and your object would get darker, obstructing the light at its back. Well if the position of the object cannot be shifted due then try to shift your position a bit and find the angle that can fetch you a balanced look.
  3. Check the frame: By checking the frame of object means trying to bring in a parallel orientation with the dimensions of your object. A straight line/orientation when included in picture gives a tidy look to you work. These line and alignments or orientations could be the width of river or foothill of the mountain or edges of the wall. Taking care of this minuteness is no compulsion, but including them gives a beautiful balance to the picture. The same is if in corner or is inclined or cut out, no harm is done to the pictures. They just make your photography look tidy and appealing.
  4. Aperture and Focus: Aperture and focus are of concern in the manual settings of the camera, if you are using an automatic camera or auto settings, then you can ignore them. But even in automatic cameras, knowing the importance of each and controlling them will help you have the desired and varying balance between object and background.
  5. Take multiple clicks: Well this one is my favorite. While taking a picture why run a risk of apprehensions like whether you captured it right, did your hands shake, etc. Why not take multiple clicks while taking every important picture, doing so even if you made mistake there are greater chance of getting one good click, if you took 2 or 3.waterfall

Well these are quiet easy to take care of and are great help to start. So they have been for me. I have always feared handling a camera and so had to face a lot of criticism as well. But with the timely tips of my brother and husband, finally I am a decent photographer often coming up with real wow pictures.

So grab you camera and win over your nervousness and just click. Do share stories of your great pictures with me.