Smartphone Fever ! Is it a Necessity Born or Inspired from Trends and Emulation?

IMG_6353Developed for the executive class to help them manage their hectic work schedules; smartphones with time became an integral part of today’s lifestyle. They are popular amongst all age groups coming from all sort of backgrounds, taking the world tuned on to this smartphone fever.

Introduced with features like calender, calculator, address book, world clock, emails and a few games in 1992; which are now incorporated in the simplest and cheap phones of today, but these features created a great buzz signifying prestige and advancement & then. Following the footsteps of IBM more players like Blackberry, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, etc.; entered the segment developing and offering new features, advanced models, latest operating systems and many other complexities.

Which came in market a few decades back as a class specific business phone gradually took the whole market on tide. Now there are a great variety of phone options in almost all price range, from economic ranged phones to latest configuration, advanced luxury phones; defining categories like cheap smartphones, value for money buys and must to have premium gadget. Brands like blackberry and Apple reap a strong brand loyalty and cater to the upper class of society, while Nokia, Samsung and Sony offers various range of smartphones.

Winning hearts and markets these smartphones has attained an unparalleled virality all across the world. What lead to this fame and acceptance; is a point which has called for a lot of pondering and opinions.

There could be different concepts in this regard, but the reason in reality is a combination of them. For executives having a smartphone is more than a necessity, helping them manage their schedule, mails and files at the reach of their hands. Latest smartphones coming with jelly bean operating system and applications like Watsapp, Line, Instagram, Dropbox, Naviagtor, BMS, Zomatto and of course the games have not only added more fun, but value and utility for the users. Amalgamating benefits of a phone, computer, camera and music player with 3G connectivity; these smartphones are a great companion and rescuer while travelling, outing, being alone, at work or in emergencies, both personal as well as professional.

Yes, for some having a smartphone could be more of emulation then necessity, but that does not bring down the value for money feature of these phones. Watching your friend flaunting his/her smartphone, you desire to have a better or similar set in your hands; is a common feeling inspiring a lot of smartphone sales.
When you talk about students especially you mark that a smartphone for students is not a necessity, but then these phones have so many features that the students also are benefited by features like social media, games, navigators, cameras, music player, etc. Along with trends and need, one big thing that fuels the sales of these phone sets is the smartphone reviews, as every one wishes to have the best smartphone in market in the specified budget (while for some could be looking for the best smartphone in the world).

Be it the crave to follow the trend and have the latest smartphone, or ignited by the feeling of emulation or get handy at work; Smartphones are a great value for money deals. And I too, like many others love and adore them. Having a smartphone in today’s world is rightfully justified to stay handy and connected to the world. Well if you are in a habit of changing your smartphones to have the latest set in hands, or to keep adding on and create a collection of them; then this case truly is luxury ignited by trend and emulation, to position yourself at an apex in your group. Whatever be the reason to buy one, but this smartphone fever is to stay long and keep evolving adding more fun and advancements to the basics of our lives.