Learning to cook for my husband

Soya Chaap

Having heard for years that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I was quiet aware of the fact that post marriage I’m gonna have quiet a tough time. Having fallen deeply in love, I was super motivated to do every thing possible and leave no stone unturned in winning my man’s heart.

All motivations at one side, but cooking and handling kitchen was quiet a tough battle with least war skills at dispose. And my husband being a great food lover was the next big challenge. Started our married life at our new home, far from our families; and there I was standing in the middle of my battlefield. ย I started with a halwa as it is known that a bride’s first cook has to be a sweet-dish. So far it went well. Well then and there started the real clinch, the meal times.

I was totally zero with dough knitting skills but I attempted and succeeded to an extent, though you can say the dough was more of stony character and so were the rotis quiet tough to chew and swallow. With a few months, no actually a whole year and few months gone, with inelastic doughs and such rotis and occassionally burnt sabzis, I have finally learnt to knit decently, making puffed soft rotis and delicious recipes. People around me, my husband, my mom and my younger brother specially are surprised daily with now pro I have turned in just 2 years of my marriage.

What my mother could not make my do for those long and lazy 22 years, love of my life made me do in just 2 years. ย Beginning with the frowny expression on my husband’s face asking do I really need to eat it, I have come to the point where he loves my food and call me his master-chef.

Inspired by the thought of winning my man’s heart, today I strive to serve him a different recipe every other day. To surprise him, to make him happy and have the whole platter finished with a content and delighted smile on his face. I learn some thing about cooking every day and I’m loving it.


  1. Its nice to see reason behind cooking. Not sure if every one learns for the same reason. But I wish husband’s should also follow some thing similar.

  2. Serious kudos to you two (and the rest of you out there) for doing stuff like this !!
    May be a lot of people do this but only you can think of framing it so beautifully.

  3. Great thoughts developed by you i think thats y people said that ki mans are happy if they eat well very nice article yeh dil maange more ..

  4. Men usually forgot all their tensions when they are served with some great dishes, being a foodie I know that….Great blog…mission accomplished ๐Ÿ™‚

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