Getting out of your comfort zone…

Law of inertia is followed ardently around in the world, where everyone wants to stick to his thoughts, principles, values, likes and habits. Everyone wishes to stay in his comfort zone only, and refrain trying something new, out of the box or crazy. But is that okay? I don’t think so. By staying within the confines of your comfort zone, you are pulling yourself back from grooming and growing further beyond an extent.

Coming over the fear of falling and getting hurt, if a toddler won’t stand and try to walk on his feet; how would he ever walk in the years to come? Since childhood only we all learn to get out of our comfort zone and try new things, take risks; why leave them then in our grown up years.

There are ample quotes, videos, tips and steps provided on the internet bank for you to know why and how to get outside your comfort zone, but the one most important thing needed for the purpose, without which nothing can happen is YOU. Unless you wish to do so, no one in the world can actually make you do so. So the first thing to be done towards stretching your boundaries, adding new dimensions in your persona; is to stop holding yourself back and just let yourself go. Brush away all those thoughts and apprehensions of ‘you have not done it before’ ‘what if you will fall flat in the attempt’ ‘will people around make fun of you’, etc… Who cares who you are and what you do? People hardly know what health problems you have, how successful in your career you are, what a scholar/artist you are, how much you have struggled in your life. They don’t know you, so do not let them judge you and your new attempts. Be your own judge.

Learn and try new things, make mistakes may be fail, note your mistakes and weed them out. Go out on weekends or vacations; try your hand at new games, adventure sports, photography. Try cooking at home and surprise your loved ones. Dance even if you can’t and enjoy the smiles your stupid moves bring along all faces. Go and talk to your colleague next cabin, even if you don’t know his/her name, share a coffee and some chit-chat. Approach your superiors and discuss your problems, they will guide you, offering you the fruits of their hard earned experiences. Smile at the strangers, you may earn a few beautiful smiles in return.

Unleash the crazy risk bearer pulled back inside you and enjoy the changes that it will bring along.

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  1. Agreed..We should try to come out of our comfort zone so that we can face challenges that will pave our way to a new high…

  2. agreed!! well written.. winners come from one of those who are ready to go that extra mile..

  3. Totally agree “stretching your boundaries will make you groom and grow.”
    Have experienced it.Getting yourself out of your comfort zone is surely not a cakewalk,still you gotta do whats ryt for you.

  4. For some, taking risk is their “comfort zone”.
    But then, most of us would agree with what you have said. Though one thing that could be of importance is.. the “purpose”… purpose of getting out of “comfort zone” should be well-thought.

    • ‘comfort zone’ is what and how you define it, how you think of yourself, your environment and how you do react in there. Well purpose is just a point of motivation, at times thinking wont be so much required. Say if you go to a golf course with your friend and on insisting you may try your hand with it, no matter you never tried it earlier. similarly however bad a singer you are, you can sing a few lines for your kid. But if its a professional front the matter has to be as you said, very thoughtful.

  5. Nice !!!!!!!!
    zindagi na milegi dobara try all the things!!!

    Nitish this is for you …try this with bhaiya ji
    Go and talk to your colleague next cabin, share a coffee and some chit-chat–(In cafeteria)

  6. Me too…agree…life is a challenge…n its d best way we can enjoy our lives at most..and do also com to knw a lot abt our potentials..whch we are unaware of till we face sum challenge..

  7. i totally agree with this bcoz we all are flexible just like rubber band we can stretch as much as can and once we have a habit of rest then we would not able to enjoy the life…..

  8. Well said, I think that’s what is happening right now around us, Law of inertia troubles us, and at time we remain with in confined zone. Fear of unknown or unseen keep depressing us. while whole world and its creature are almost similar in nature and each one need love affection complement and in simple a smile, still due to inertia we maintain distance and keep fighting with own lonliness. A good work life balance and healthy surrounding might automatically solve a lot of complex physical and mentaal problems. So well said, will try out few. 🙂

    • Yes you must. Let that shyness and apprehensions rest at home and you keep trying newer things, pushing your boundaries all around every day, and that actually is an interesting key to happy life, balanced between work and home.

  9. A calculated amount of risk should be taken , if your are willing to excel and enrich yourself.
    Those who will prefer to be in their comfort zone will be left far behind in today’s agile world.
    The Blog is definalty inspeiring for many 3

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