Out on a Date with Roses

IMG_6147While on my expedition to the southern region of India, far from the daily stress and hustles of my hectic schedule and work; I came across tranquil solitude and beauty. In the unwinding milieu of Ooty, I discovered beauty, love, peace, solace, comfort and relaxation. Drifting in the role of a wanderer I was gathering all the ingredients that fill your bosom high-up to make you happy and bring tears of joy in your eyes without your even realizing what just happened. Ahhh…. Feasting my eyes on the serene green beauty of the rolling down landscape, visiting the tea gardens, boating in the lake, giving my regards to the overwhelming beauty of clouds and forests with my camera on a non-stop click job; there I was lying in the bed on the second night of my trip, checking for the itinerary of the third day. On the top of the list was a visit to the rose garden for 3 hours. 3 hours in a rose garden! Haahhhh… What for, while there is so much more around to see and to explore? I thought.

How could I even think of that? That expression was so stupid of me, reflecting the unaware, reckless side of me. Well, but there I arrived at the garden with a preset mind to spend around 2 hours winding things up as soon as possible and save myself time to cover the others attractions of the city. The moment I entered the garden and threw a sight at the area of the garden, the first reaction was WAOOWW… Such a huge and beautiful garden, Woooh and all other thoughts and programs were gone.

I stepped down the stairs looking at the lovely beauties, innocent, pure, perfect and matchless.

Smiling, shying away, each of them said a hello. The garden was very well maintained. The only regret I had at that moment was why this August is and not May, that flowering season, when these delicate beauties are at their best. While meeting every row, every column and coming across the various plants and specie; I was awed at the brilliance of nature, at the excellence the Almighty, which He has shown in the great variety and collection of such roses across the world, put together and displayed beautifully in the Rose Garden of Ooty. Without a doubt, the Rose garden is a walking Paradise layered with fragrant roses.

By the time I got a call from my driver that it’s time for the next spot and we are losing time; I realized that I was not just on a visit there, but I was in love, on a date with the roses of Ooty. With a very heavy heart I said bye to my darlings, with a promise to return to them as soon as possible and this time in the peak season, when they would be at their youth and I’ll have my whole days for them, committed with honesty and love.

Must to Have Gadgets for Trains Journey!!!

20130815_091225Train journey, quite a scary word for our generation which is used to of race and speed both in life and traveling. Getting heavy headed and cursing the long distance and urgency of the journey gives us no relief.

Last month we had to take a 36 hours’ train from Delhi to Bangalore. Trust me we were both quite anxious thinking how these long hours will pass. We are though accustomed to overnight trains whenever required, but a continuous night-day-night 36 hours on train was something more than tolerable. But then we were also excited about the destinations in turn we will get to visit (Bangalore, Coorg and more). So enchanted with the charm of the destinations, we sidelined the tension of our boring and tiresome journey.

Came the date of travel and we started picking and packing our luggage. While pacing, my husband very smartly picked some gadgets to take with us. Initially those seemed to me just a part of my husband’s geeking love for gadgets. As the journey went on, those long day hours started getting over us, making me feel irritated and nauseate. In that despair, my husband’s magical pack of gadgets came to our rescue and those long heavy hours turned into a fun retreat. The gadgets we took with us and how they helped us kill those hours happily:

  • Smart Phones: With our smart phones we had internet connect, social media, chat messengers and engaging android games. We were thus, updating our status, chatting with our friends and contesting the game scores.
  • SLR Camera: I am a beginner photographer, having learnt the camera work lately with miles of picturesque beauty I had a great time clicking and just clicking.
  • IPad: Watching movies and playing games on iPad was a great fun, making the best out of the time we had. We watched three movies on our depart journey and three on the return, and no record for the games.
  • IPod: Ahhh…The high quality filtered music of iPod is no less than magic and sere delight for the ears.
  • ThinkPad: We preferred to carry our ThinkPad on journey, because of its handy size as compared to our 15’ laptop. ThinkPad helped us check the pictures we took whole day, watch movies that were not in the VLC format (compatible with iPad), internet access, etc.
  • Batteries: Extra pair of rechargeable camera batteries along with its charger.
  • Gadget Support: Gadget supports and accessories like their data connectors, earplugs, etc. are
  •  Hard-drive: To keep a backup of all the photos and have an additional movie, video and music bank at out dispose we had our hard drive with us and that really turned out to be a rescuer.
  • Data card: Today we all want to be connected to the world, share our updates and experiences. Moreover internet access was most useful in helping us check the reviews of hotels and the spots we were to cover.

Entertaining and enjoying every moment we killed those hours and to an utter surprise we felt that we must do more such journeys.