How to Make Your Life Happier and Healthier

IMG_3229We all want to stay fit, look attractive and presentable. But anyone with a healthy body only can look fit, attractive and happy.

Staying happy and healthy in today’s stressful world is no more than easy, but there are some simple and effective things to do that work magically t our surprise. Here is a list of 15 easy and effective tips for a healthy and happy life:

• Drink at least 4-6l of water. Drinking water is one of the first tips you are given in context of many health related queries like acidity, skin problems like pimples, etc. Doctors say taking 2 glass of lukewarm water helps cool down the overnight heat of digestive system and also curbs acidity.

• Follow good eating habit. Your eating habit is a big determinant of your health to your knowledge or surprise. Do not drink water immediately after eating; instead keep a gap of at least 25-30 minutes. After eating do not immediately sit down or lie in the bed, take a little walk at least 10-15 minutes.

• Eat healthy and keep your diet balanced. Avoid eating stale and junk. Include more of fresh vegetables, fruits and salad in your diet. If you take a heavy meal or consume more than suggested calories (in parties, outings, etc.) compensate it with a walk of 30 minutes or more or do a little exercise later. And also balance your next meal with least amount of calories, taking in only salad or fruits as your next meal.

• Take 5 minutes of relaxation to meditate or just breathe in and out. Today’s life is all full of stress and it is no more possible to totally stay away from them. What is the need of time is to know how to deal with tension and anxiety. Practice a 5 minute relaxation and the best medicine to fight with stress is regular meditation and the simplest is to breathe in and out and relax your mind by pulling out all thoughts and emotions for that time and let your heart and mind be still, whenever you feel stressed. And there are many more such tips to use and practice to effectively deal with tension and anxiety.

• Sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Our body, parts and systems, all works very hard all day long and the sleep is inevitable requirement of the body to relax and restore the energies for the next day’s job.

• Think positive and be an optimistic. Future is totally unpredictable and uncontrollable; you cannot plan and handle everything. So, what best is do the right things, don’t foster grievances and grudges. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

• Keep the stirring of your life in your own hands and don’t let others drive your happiness, energy and life. Believe in yourself, appreciate and cherish what all life has given you, don’t make yourself sad comparing your life with others, and most importantly do not get driven by others’ suggestions and advice for your house/work/life. Do hear what others’ are suggesting and telling, but do not let them drive you; take your own decisions considering what is really needed and what suits you and your life.

• Don’t over exert yourself. It is very important to know your limits and priorities your work and life accordingly. Do the job as per your capabilities, knowing what is important and what is not; what can you do on your own and for what you would need a help; know when and where to etc.

Things to do on a Lazy weekend!

How much we need or crave for a lazy Sunday or Saturday; what things can we do to enjoy our weekend lazily!

Weekend is the getaway from work; needed to restore our energies for the coming week and upcoming tasks. How eagerly we wait for the weekend, is well expressed by the most viral expressions around the office and on social medias; TGIF or Thank God it’s Friday. After working for 5-6 days at a stretch, strained and thronged; our body and mind needs rest and for that a break of 2 days is the most important thing that we usually look for. With increasing levels of stress and complexity of work, and longer work hours; weekends are now mostly of 2 days (especially in IT fields) or Saturdays are half-days (schools, banks, insurance, etc.) or alternate working. Be it a 2 day weekend or 1.5 or just 1 precious day; it inevitably is a must.

We eagerly wait for weekends and make long list of things to do on the weekend; planning way back before what all will we do this weekend, complete some pending works, or go for shopping or meet friends and family or just stay at home. Well, there is a long list of things to do on a weekend.

At times our weekends are very enticing and exciting when we go out on a trip, having endless options for entertainment. Staying in the city also we can have lots of fun. Some of us look for adventure, visiting a theme park or going to nearby sanctuary while other may simply love to get together with their friends and/or family and have fun. Some other may simply go for shopping or watching a movie in a theatre during weekend while some of us would opt to stay at home and watch movies either online or on DVD and lazy out ;). There are times when people feel lazy at the end of the workdays and weekend thus, looks lazier to the exhausted mind and body. This is the time when people have done a lot of work and now they just want to chill, relax and do nothing.

Being active on weekends shows our good energy level and enthusiasm for life, and it also helps us in keeping ourselves fit and fresh. But a lazy weekend can help in managing a good health and a balance between stress and relaxation.

Being lazy, also you can do a lot of things. Here is a list of thing that you can do on a weekend while feeling lazy:-

1) Be lazy on a Lazy weekend: On weekend you can afford to sleep for a long time. During weekdays due to work pressure we are usually deprived of some good sleep which is very necessary for our body. Research says that for being healthy 6-8 hours of sleep is required. On weekdays we don’t have such luxury most of the time so we can manage them on weekends and can affords to have a sleep of 10 hours and even more. This will help in balancing the weekdays’ stress.

2) Do plantation: You can go for plantation on weekend. Plant some flowers and if space permits you can also plant vegetables. You will find it very exciting, enriching and soothing at the same time.

3) Do nothing, make plans only: Sometimes it’s better to do nothing and you can enjoy that time in planning. Planning for future, planning for your next date with wife/girlfriend, planning for movies that are about to release. Planning for next trip/vacations. Early planning can help you in saving many bucks.

4) Invite friends to your home: If you are good at hosting then this could be a real fun. You can invite your friends and buddies to your home on weekend. Talking with them, watching movies together will take all your stress away. Remembering the old moments spent with them, you college days will bring smile on your face.

5) Day dreaming: It will cost you nothing but it can give you more joys and delights that you are looking for. May be you can lay the foundation of a big project or a viable business while day dreaming.

6) Watch televisions: You can watch old movies and other programs that you were not able to see during weekdays with your family or even alone. Have a cup of coffee /tea in the morning and then you can start watching television. These days there are options of recording TV shows on various setup boxes, you can record show that you love to watch and follow that up on weekend.

7) Read books: Having a self library or a self full of books is one of the coolest interior ideas; and to have a good collection of books on that beautiful shelf in no less than an asset. On weekends you can read books and build a collection. Reading books in a nice time pass and fruitful as well.

8) Do something different: Try your hand at new things that you ordinarily seldom do; like painting, collage making, crafts, stitching, DIY, etc. On weekends do things which you have never done but you would like to do, that you fantasize of.

9) Go for Shopping: You can take your time out and go for shopping, even window shopping is a real fun and sometimes get you the best of deals.

10) Learn to cook or try new recipes: Weekends are the perfect time to try your hands something different. Learning to cook or to try new recipes is good to try on weekend time. You can learn new recipes by going through various cooking manuals and articles and programs that usually runs on the TV or the internet bank.

11) Explore your area: It’s important to know the area you live in and weekend can turn into a great time to explore your area. Go out for a lazy walk through various streets and you may find new things, new stores, etc. that you have not seen or known earlier. Talk to your neighbors and know the society.

12) Cleaning: Weekend can be a good time for cleaning activities. You can use your weekend for cleaning of clothes and your home. You can do things like dusting, organizing clothes, arranging furniture and other interior. You can also rearrange your books, your files, your shelves and DVDs.

13) Write something: If you have the ability to write then you can enjoy your weekend by writing something. It could be anything that you love.

14) Listen to Music: Music is the best medicine for relaxation from tension and anxiety, as we all know. So listening to music is a good thing to do on weekend and relax.

15) Talk to Family and Friends: in the rush of office, work and traffic; we seldom get time to call and talk to our family members, relatives and friends. Use the laziness of weekend to stay in touch with your world. Share with them what’s going in your life and know about their problems. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with them will help you get light and ease-up, and also your bond will strengthen.

Be lazy bee on a weekend. Lazy Outside, Crazy Inside :)!

Monsoon in India – Season of Sales and Shopping

Come the months of monsoon and the shopping fiesta begins. ‘July-August’ is no less than a festival for shoppers in India, when every shopping heart starts rejoicing, hands proceeding to wallets and your feet take the way to markets and malls. Around the malls, markets, streets and metros, etc.; irrespective of the city and locality, you find happy excited faces carrying colorful shopping bags in hands discussing with their friends the smart picks they have made or the fabulous offer they grabbed. There is other group of people travelling alone, holding those shopping bags in hands like a prized attainment. With the fall of monsoon, not only the temperature and weather starts changing, but starts changing your dressing style as well. From cool and light sleeveless and shorts, we start changing to warmer or full cover clothes. From flip-flops and open toe shoes and sandals, we switch to covered shoes and waterproof sandals to protect against rain and mosquitoes.

And with the end of summer season and approaching winter, every brand/shop targets at getting their present stock cleared and make space for the new season’s stocks. Shopkeepers are more concerned about selling the stock in current season only; even at low margins is launch of fresh fashion every season and simultaneous trend cautiousness of today. If the stock thus, goes unsold by the end of season it will never sell as the next summer fashion and trend will get changed and every shopper will be interested in the fresh stocks and arrivals. And thus are offered sales and bumper sales to get the present stock sold out in the current season itself, and that becomes the shoppers’ fiesta.

With brands like Celio, Wrangler, Wills Lifestyle, UCB, Meena Bazzar, W, Reebok, Adidas, etc. coming up with irresistible offers like flat 40-50% off, Buy 1 Get 1, etc.; what else would you call the monsoon season, other than the shopping carnival? There is a long list of reasons to buy at the big monsoon sales. Well the biggest joy of this celebration for shoppers is that these sales offers brings such premium brands like UCB, Wills Lifestyle in the affordable budget of those who otherwise have to sacrifice highly desired designs or loved dresses because of their high price slabs.  Similarly at the cost of one you get 2 and such offers is a delight for anyone and everyone. The quality and collection remains the same, all that happens is that the prices are lowered and the result is we shop and shop and shop.

It’s a blissful sight to witness the joy of people carrying away shopping bags from their favorite brands. It’s nothing less than a carnival watching girls-boys, ladies,-gents, mummies and papas flaunting around showrooms and multi-brand outlets like Lifestyle and Pantaloons checking out every rack and section, carrying 7-8 dresses in hand and still fishing for more and waiting in long line before the trial rooms.

There are some typical monsoon toads who croak at their best with the roving monsoon clouds and to site an example, I don’t need to look any far, as I have a beautiful toad with me, my younger brother. My brother is an eagle at grabbing fabulous discount offers and so he is quiet popular for shopping in this season and so is called off, by friends and me also to help grab good picks. And whenever a marriage, celebration or outing comes forth, his first suggestion is please don’t shop and wait for the July sales (irrespective of what is the importance and urgency of the shopping). Well that’s the story at my home, if similar scene is at your part as well. Share your stories too.

Getting out of your comfort zone…

Law of inertia is followed ardently around in the world, where everyone wants to stick to his thoughts, principles, values, likes and habits. Everyone wishes to stay in his comfort zone only, and refrain trying something new, out of the box or crazy. But is that okay? I don’t think so. By staying within the confines of your comfort zone, you are pulling yourself back from grooming and growing further beyond an extent.

Coming over the fear of falling and getting hurt, if a toddler won’t stand and try to walk on his feet; how would he ever walk in the years to come? Since childhood only we all learn to get out of our comfort zone and try new things, take risks; why leave them then in our grown up years.

There are ample quotes, videos, tips and steps provided on the internet bank for you to know why and how to get outside your comfort zone, but the one most important thing needed for the purpose, without which nothing can happen is YOU. Unless you wish to do so, no one in the world can actually make you do so. So the first thing to be done towards stretching your boundaries, adding new dimensions in your persona; is to stop holding yourself back and just let yourself go. Brush away all those thoughts and apprehensions of ‘you have not done it before’ ‘what if you will fall flat in the attempt’ ‘will people around make fun of you’, etc… Who cares who you are and what you do? People hardly know what health problems you have, how successful in your career you are, what a scholar/artist you are, how much you have struggled in your life. They don’t know you, so do not let them judge you and your new attempts. Be your own judge.

Learn and try new things, make mistakes may be fail, note your mistakes and weed them out. Go out on weekends or vacations; try your hand at new games, adventure sports, photography. Try cooking at home and surprise your loved ones. Dance even if you can’t and enjoy the smiles your stupid moves bring along all faces. Go and talk to your colleague next cabin, even if you don’t know his/her name, share a coffee and some chit-chat. Approach your superiors and discuss your problems, they will guide you, offering you the fruits of their hard earned experiences. Smile at the strangers, you may earn a few beautiful smiles in return.

Unleash the crazy risk bearer pulled back inside you and enjoy the changes that it will bring along.