Important Tips to Take Care of, While Using Public Washrooms

Daily or occasionally we all use public toilet, not just the ones made by government by street sides, railway stations or in district centres; but in our offices, in malls, in trains, in plains, etc. It’s a common habit and perception of majority of us to take care of and check the hygiene and sanitization of such toilets in crowded and busty public areas like on tourist spots, in trains, in public markets; while when it comes to well maintained, seemingly clean places like malls, offices, etc., we tend to become ignorant and overlook the hygiene concerns. This attitude and ignorance is not good, all those toilets which are used frequently are prone to bacterial infections and thus, while using them we need to be conscious and undertake some preventive steps. The concern of sanitization is more important for the toilet sits where you have to sit on the pot to use it, as it involves maximum and closest exposure to the germs and bacteria.

Here are some very easy tips by using which you can keep yourself safe from the germ and bacterial attack and thus, help yourself stay healthy:
Always flush the toilet before using it, whether it appears to b clean or not. Flushing the toilet will get you rid of the inside taint.
Lift the seat before using it
Sanitize the toilet seat before using it.
Wash yourself well and dry yourself with the toilet paper.
Flush the toilet after use
Wash your hands and dry them.
Preferably use a sanitizer after using such a toilet.
Following these tips and giving out 2 extra minutes in the toilet may take you extra time, but that time is worth your effort. A waiting boyfriend/girlfriend or the hurry to catch up with your friends or to get back to work or to get back to the movie before it starts; give yourself 1 extra second to think is that urgency of yours really so important to use a unhealthy toilet and/or leave it unhygienic for others and give way to diseases and infections.

How to Make Your Life Happier and Healthier

IMG_3229We all want to stay fit, look attractive and presentable. But anyone with a healthy body only can look fit, attractive and happy.

Staying happy and healthy in today’s stressful world is no more than easy, but there are some simple and effective things to do that work magically t our surprise. Here is a list of 15 easy and effective tips for a healthy and happy life:

• Drink at least 4-6l of water. Drinking water is one of the first tips you are given in context of many health related queries like acidity, skin problems like pimples, etc. Doctors say taking 2 glass of lukewarm water helps cool down the overnight heat of digestive system and also curbs acidity.

• Follow good eating habit. Your eating habit is a big determinant of your health to your knowledge or surprise. Do not drink water immediately after eating; instead keep a gap of at least 25-30 minutes. After eating do not immediately sit down or lie in the bed, take a little walk at least 10-15 minutes.

• Eat healthy and keep your diet balanced. Avoid eating stale and junk. Include more of fresh vegetables, fruits and salad in your diet. If you take a heavy meal or consume more than suggested calories (in parties, outings, etc.) compensate it with a walk of 30 minutes or more or do a little exercise later. And also balance your next meal with least amount of calories, taking in only salad or fruits as your next meal.

• Take 5 minutes of relaxation to meditate or just breathe in and out. Today’s life is all full of stress and it is no more possible to totally stay away from them. What is the need of time is to know how to deal with tension and anxiety. Practice a 5 minute relaxation and the best medicine to fight with stress is regular meditation and the simplest is to breathe in and out and relax your mind by pulling out all thoughts and emotions for that time and let your heart and mind be still, whenever you feel stressed. And there are many more such tips to use and practice to effectively deal with tension and anxiety.

• Sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Our body, parts and systems, all works very hard all day long and the sleep is inevitable requirement of the body to relax and restore the energies for the next day’s job.

• Think positive and be an optimistic. Future is totally unpredictable and uncontrollable; you cannot plan and handle everything. So, what best is do the right things, don’t foster grievances and grudges. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

• Keep the stirring of your life in your own hands and don’t let others drive your happiness, energy and life. Believe in yourself, appreciate and cherish what all life has given you, don’t make yourself sad comparing your life with others, and most importantly do not get driven by others’ suggestions and advice for your house/work/life. Do hear what others’ are suggesting and telling, but do not let them drive you; take your own decisions considering what is really needed and what suits you and your life.

• Don’t over exert yourself. It is very important to know your limits and priorities your work and life accordingly. Do the job as per your capabilities, knowing what is important and what is not; what can you do on your own and for what you would need a help; know when and where to etc.

Best Tips to Effectively Deal with Tension and Anxiety

Stress or tension, more or less have become an integral part of every one’s life. Hectic work schedules, and over-demanding jobs and tasks make our life full of stress and tensions, which leads to anxiety and even depression. The same stress and tension of our work life get transmitted to the personal life and amongst our relations as well. Dealing with tension seems a little tough, just because we are hardly able to observe and understand them.

From smaller too big, there are numerous incidents and events in our day to day life which makes us stressed and tensed. Tension is something that we can’t totally avoid or run away from, but there are certainly some tips and methods/ways which can help us in dealing with their symptoms and coming over them. It’s a true fact that if we are tension free then only we can have a smooth life, personal and professional, growing and moving forward.

Fighting with the stress is quite easy once we know the effective way to deal with tension and anxiety. Below are the some of the most easy and effective ways which can help us in dealing with our tension and anxiety:-

1) The best thing to do to lower stress is to share the problem, with boss at the workplace, with near ones in personal life and lovers in the love life. Keeping everything inside your heart and getting bothered about it would gradually harm your own health. Instead of getting restless, stuck on any problem; talk it out and seek a solution.

2) When feel stressed, take a walk. A walk of around half an hour would be helpful in reducing your current tension/stress. Morning walks, brisk walks and joggings are generally said to be a very good exercise, giving a good healthy start to the day and it also helps us in staying fit, burning extra calories and have more stamina.

3) Carry a positive frame of mind always. Positive thinking generates positive vibes which helps us in living life in a better way. Instead of thinking about problems surrounding you, think about the happier and brighter things in your life. Positive thinking of will help in lowering tension and anxiety.

4) Take pride in yourself: Appreciate yourself and your work. If you will not appreciate your work and credit yourself for your efforts, how can expect others to do so. So, first learn to be an admirer of yourself and others will then follow you. Enjoy your happiness, achievements and victory over the past problems. We all know that we go through various phases in our life and we should enjoy our good moments even in our bad times.

5) Make good rapport. Be nice to everyone, follow good mannerism and politeness. Appreciate other’s good work and encourage your colleagues and friends for their good work. Appreciate their dressing, sense of humor and try to avoid criticizing others. This will help you make a good image of you in your circle and people around you will start liking you.

6) Don’t rush to decisions. Give a proper thought before reaching to any conclusion and taking a final decision. Think about pros and cons of your decision and the after effects as well.

7) Do exercise on regular basis. Regular exercise and work out helps a lot in reducing tension and anxiety if it is done on daily basis. There are various yoga like meditation which also very effective. You can buy VCD and DVD from the market regarding the meditation tips. In the morning there are various TV and News channel which runs yoga programs.

8) Smile and laugh a lot, as it is the best medicine. Try to be happy and keep smiling all the time. Your smiling face will help you in a good mood and give you a good impression among others as well. Share a smile and in return you will get many, which makes it quiet a worthy investment.

9) Follow a routine. First make a routine for yourself, mark out your priorities and follow it so that you can take care of all your important works. Sometimes we miss any important work and that causes tension about the outcome of that.

Stress and stress born anxiety and depression is not at all good for our health and life. Control and get over these symptoms; and save yourself from future problems of blood pressure, heart disease, hair falls, and skin related problems. Stay tension and stress free and you can look more young and beautiful/handsome.