1. According to Steve Jobs, Apple was so named because Jobs was coming back from an apple farm, and he was on a fruitarian diet.
    You will be surprised to know that this is not the first logo for apple. Its first logo was depicting Newton under an apple trip.
    This logo was later changed to only an apple to be more appropriate according to its name. A bite was added to the apple so that it would not be confused with a cherry

  2. Yeah!!! I agree here with the author..We all know apple is a brand and the way they carries it our through the decades is simply amazing..I love apple products not because of the brand and logo but because of their qualities..But yes their logo is something that keeps you on your toes…

  3. whenever something we achieved whatever we do its look good initially nobody like but when it getting position in market so its everybody liked ……quite natural

  4. Reading the article i could actually picturise things in my mind.. Thats where the victory lies for a writer.. Good one indeed and apple products are simply a step or two ahead.. The smoothness and speed it offers is unmatched..

  5. Well said. Apple established it self in market in last two decades with high quality and amazing feature products. That’s where they are leader, and that attracts accolades and followers, Hope they will continue this dominance post Jobs era.

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