Lazy Us

Since I learnt to speak and making out sentences, talking has been my favorite hobby. As long as my memory helps me, I have been a story teller, a person always ready to tell u something, welcome for a talk, and have had a funny experience. All you ever needed was to have time to listen to me ;).

My mind, my thoughts are at work 24X7. Ideas keep popping every hour, sometimes second minute. Why waste such valuable production of a fabulous resource called Human Brain’; why not share the ideas, the thoughts and the stories with the world.

So here I am a lazy dreamy bee at some serious action, to share with you my thoughts, my ideas, my knowledge, my beliefs and my experiences.

Along with talking we would also share some creative ideas and tips, doing creative things like soft toy making, party planning, cooking (yes cooking), stitching, painting,  photography, etc. are also amongst my passions.

Stay in touch. Read my blogs, know me better.

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